El Escoces Volante Dos Dedos de Frente Syrah

The darkest of the reds, the 2020 Dos Dedos de Frente is a ripe and powerful Syrah. It's showy, perfumed and heady, hedonistic and supple, with less oak than in previous years. It comes from grapes from a supplier working together against ripeness and alcohol, working organically and with infusion of plants and regenerative agriculture. It fermented with some 6% Viognier. The change in this is 13.9% alcohol, avoiding high ripeness, using more neutral barrels and letting the wine rest in tank after the élevage in oak, delivering a wine with more varietal character à la Rhône, with a mixture of violets, tar and bacon fat. The palate is medium to full-bodied with abundant but fine-grained tannins



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