At Bespoke Selection we offer accessories for all wine lovers needs, from wine preservation to decanting. When it comes to wine preservation systems look no further than the Coravin system. At Bespoke Selection we offer you the entire Coravin range that will enable the user to sip a glass of their favorite bottle of wine without having to uncork it and allow them to keep storing the bottle without it suffering adverse effects to its quality. The Coravin wine preservation system is the perfect complement to any wine lovers collection. Restaurants can also benefit becoming part of the Coravin by the glass program, we can customize a Coravin by the glass experience for your restaurant.

The Centellino Decanter decants and aerates your wine unleashing its bouquet while providing the right pour. If you need more information about our wine accessories, here at Bespoke Selection we can provide you with our knowledge and experience to help you determine what works best for your needs.