Dutton Goldfield Morelli Lane Vineyard Zinfandel

The 2014 vintage of the ancient vine zin is incredibly vivacious, jumping out of the glass to greet you with ultra-juicy marionberries and lilac, fringed with redwood brush and a pop of caramel. As always, amazed by how these old, gnarled vines can produce something so fresh and luscious. The only downside with 2014 is they didn’t produce much, giving only enough fruit to produce fewer than 300 cases. The wine is especially bright, with lively Bing cherry and sweet raspberry flavors supported by firm yet supple tannins. The brilliant acidity keeps you coming back for another sip, and the beautiful richness without weightiness makes it a great match for a vast range of dishes, from pastas to quail to beef. It’s also wonderful alongside a simple wedge of aged Gouda, with that salty bite of the cheese accentuating the sweetness of the wine.

100% Zinfandel

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