Tierra Noble Tequila Extra Añejo "Exquisito"

The emblem of the house is born from the tradition that the tequila teachers have of selecting year after year from among hundreds of Tierra Noble barrels only those that have developed the most subtle and elegant notes to celebrate the end of each season.

Over time the exquisite blend of these extra-añejo aging up to 85 months would become what is today the Selection of the Founder.

Intense dark amber color, clean and bright with reddish sparkles, great grip in the glass forming tears and legs of great body. Very pleasant and soft on the nose with fruity and sweet aromas; notes of cooked agave honeys, vanilla, prune, chocolate, toasted almonds, apricot and tobacco in a perfect balance with woody notes. Soft on the palate, balanced and complex, with bitter chocolate flavors, nuts and red fruits, a light to tobacco and spices; of great persistence on the palate.


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