Pannon Tokaj Tokaji Eszencia 375ml

The Liquid Gold “Vinum Tokajense Passum”, could not be missed from the shelves of any pharmacy for centuries. Sip every day with one tea spoon only and keep it long in your mouth. This may be one of the finest dessert wines ever made in the world. So pure, ethereal and totally sensational, explosive on the palate, freakishly complex, lusciously sweet, yet with superb laser like sharp citrus juices which keeps it vibrant and mesmerizing throughout. The finish is endless. There is so much going on here, flavors of pineapple, citrus, lychee, orange blossom, strawberries and cream, dried apricot. For comparison, honey contains 400 grams of sugar per liter, this contains 614 grams per liter. Despite the massive residual sugars, this is superbly balanced by thrilling acids. Eszencia is not really a wine in the conventional sense, but rather a unique elixir, the quintessence of the grape, with an almost supernatural concentration of taste and aroma. It’s something that every wine aficionado dreams of tasting at least once, and to do so is likely to be a life-enhancing and never-to-be-forgotten experience. Drink now or keep it for 250 years.

70% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelü

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